Auto Body Repair Technoloy by James Duffy

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Auto Body Repair Technoloy by James Duffy

Auto Body Repair Technoloy Пятое издание одного из самых популярных руководств по ремонту автомобильных кузовов и восстоновления лакокрасочного покрытия от James Duffy. В книге приводятся подробные описания всех этапов восстоновления кузова автомобиля после аварии, рассмотрены все стадии ремонта от первоначальной оценки повреждения до подбора красок и непосредственно покраски автомбилей.

The industry-leading textbook for collision repair and refinishing is now updated to the NATEF 2006 Collision Repair and Refinish Program Standards. Written with clearer explanations and more detail than any other collision repair learning tool on the market, Auto Body Repair Technology, Fifth Edition delves into all aspects of collision repair, from initial collision evaluation, to estimating, to final paint detailing. And because the book is written by a leading author in the auto body field, readers will feel confident that they are learning skills and procedures that incorporate the latest advances in materials and methods.

Key words: ASE collision repair and refinish certifications, B2 - Painting & Refinishing, B3 – Non-Structural Analysis & Damage Repair, B4 - Structural Analysis & Damage Repair, B5 - Mechanical & Electrical Components, B6 - Damage Analysis and Estimating

Auto Body Repair Technology details how to properly restore a damaged vehicle to a “like new” condition from “start to finish.”It is designed to help you work on any make and model passenger car,pickup truck,van,or sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Auto body repair, also called collision repair, is an exciting area to study. With millions of vehicles on the road today, there is a strong demand for well-trained collision repair technicians.

Thousands of technicians are needed in the industry every year. Just look in the newspaper and you will find numerous openings for skilled people to work in body shops. With today’s high-tech vehicles and varied construction methods and repair techniques, competent collision repair takes well-trained, knowledgeable professionals.

This new edition has been extensively rewritten and reillustrated in full color to maintain leadership in auto body repair training. It summarizes accepted methods of
repairing a collision-damaged vehicle and provides an even better “step-by-step ladder” to success. The text has been organized into 7 sections and 29 chapters.

Section 1 provides an introduction to the industry. It explains all of the basic information that pertains to the industry in general.
Section 2 covers estimating and has new material on electronic estimating and shop management software.
Section 3 covers minor repairs—the kinds of repair tasks that can be done by a novice or trainee.
Section 4 explains major body/frame repairs, including topics such as vehicle frame damage measurement and repair.
Section 5 summarizes mechanical and electrical repairs to the steering,suspension,and brake system parts,which are often damaged in a major accident.
Section 6 details refinishing and how to prep and paint the vehicle.
The last section explains how professionalism will help you prosper as a collision repair expert.

Auto Body Repair Technoloy by James Duffy
Auto Body Repair Technoloy by James Duffy

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Auto Body Repair Technoloy by James Duffy
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